Publishable Deliverabels
Del No.Deliverable NameWP LeaderDownload
D1.1.1Global Container Supply Chain Compendium (common Deliverable with INTEGRITY)TNODownload
D1.2.1SMART-CM Implementation framework for global container surveillance and controlTNODownload
D2.1.1Quality PlanPorthusDownload
D2.3.2Reference manual for container security devicesPorthusDownload
D2.3.3Multi-vendor selectionPorthusDownload
D2.3.4Installation planPorthus 
D2.3.7Technology follow-up planPorthusDownload
D2.4.1Draft Standard on Data and Message FormatsPorthusDownload
D2.4.2Interoperability concept, Joint with INTEGRITYPorthus 
D4.1.1Use Cases and architectural specification of the new SMART-CM added value servicesFhGDownload
D5.2.1Implemented EU-ME demostratorDHL 
D5.3.1Joint demonstrator between EU-PA and EU-ME corridor (equals D.6.3.1)DHL 
D5.3.2Joint demonstrator between EU-ME corridor and INTEGRITY projectDHL 
D5.4.1CSDs provided for the purposes of the demonstratorsDHL 
D6.2.1Implemened EU-AP demonstratorK+N 
D6.3.1Joint demonstrator between EU-ME and EU-AP corridorK+N 
D6.3.2Joint demonstrator between EU-AP corridor and INTEGRITY projectK+N 
D6.4.1CSDs provided for the purposes of the demonstratorsK+N 
D7.1.1SMART-CM evaluation modelCERTH-HITDownload
D7.3.1Assessment of SMART-CM system economic and socio-economic resultsCERTH-HITDownload
D8.1.1Project logo, www site, leaflets, postersEIA 
D8.1.3Demonstrators and Final dissemination event & reportsEIA 
D8.1.5CEN standardisation WorkshopEIADownload
D10.1.2Final reportCERTH-HIT 
D10.2.1Project presentation Inception reportCERTH-HITDownload
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Confidential Deliverables