The work of SMART-CM project is organized in ten Work packages (WPs). Each WP is further divided into tasks interrelated with each other.


The project work division follows the balance project approach for covering the three main pillars of the future global container transport evolution:
Business / Logistics trends
One consolidated WP (WP1) covering the objective for logistics process reengineering and better integration which is mainly dedicated to provide assessment of state of the art and basic requirements for the design of the project solutions.
Technology development
Three technology WPs (WP2/WP3/WP4) dealing with the development of SMART-CM platform technologies and services.
Market evolution
Three WPs (WP7/WP8/WP9) are dedicated to maintaining the project dialog with the market actors, capture the actors’ assessment for the projects outcomes and define the business cases and the success parameters for the vast use & the exploitation of the project results.

Two WPs (WP5/WP6) involve major global chains and sites at three continents and offer the project’s test beds for assessing the SMART-CM platform functionalities within real working environment. Within these WPs, work associated to the interfacing of SMART-CM platform with the systems of the actors (COSCON, DHL, K&N) is also foreseen.