Events & News
detail CEN Workshop on Container Security and Tracking Devices Brussels 9/19/2011
detail 1st Plenary CEN Workshop on Container Security and Tracking Devices Brussels 6/1/2011
detail ETSI Business Innovation Summit London, UK 10/5/2010
detail CEN workshop agreement kick - off Brussels, Belgium 9/21/2010
detail Plenary meeting Brussels, Belgium 9/20/2010
detail SMART-CM, co-organizes the ICT in Transport Logistics Conference (ECITL 09) 4-5 November 2010, Bremen, Germany Bremen,Germany 9/4/2010
detail SMART-CM exhibited at the International Customs Day 2010 by Belgian Customs in the context of Customs-Business Partnerships Brussels 1/26/2010
detail SMART-CM presented at the 7th EIRAC Plenary Brussels 11/13/2009
detail ECITL ‘09: Energy Efficient and Sustainable Logistics Venice 10/29/2009
detail 2nd Technology Concertation meeting Thessaloniki 1/23/2009
detail 2nd Steering Committee meeting Thessaloniki 1/22/2009
detail Technical Management Committee meeting Brussels 1/15/2009
detail WP6 kick off meeting Vienna 12/19/2008
detail 1st Technology Concertation Vienna 12/18/2008
detail Steering Committee Teleconference 12/15/2008
detail Platform operational concept Teleconference 12/15/2008
detail Technologogy concertation meeting Teleconference 11/27/2008
detail Industry players workshop Antwerp 11/19/2008
detail SMART-CM presented at the 5th Plenary meeting of the EIRAC Rotterdam 10/27/2008
detail Interface with Dubai customs requirements Teleconference 10/15/2008
detail Compendium Quality Assurance Teleconference 10/13/2008
detail KPI's workshop. Delft 10/9/2008
detail WP1 internal user needs Delft 10/8/2008
detail SMART-CM & INTEGRITY concertation meeting Brussels 10/7/2008
detail SMART Container Chain Management’ (SMART_CM) project kicked-off Port of Antwerp 8/28/2008